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RTS™ Sterilizer Product Line

Noxilizer offers sterilizers ranging from chamber sizes of 400 liters to 16,000 liters. We work with our customers to identify the right size unit for you based on packaging size, annual volume now and in the future. Other features of RTS™ Sterilizers include:

  • Single and double door models available
  • Typical cycle time 6-12 hours, including aeration, leading to increased efficiency
  • Minimal vacuum cycle available for pressure-sensitive products
  • Scrubber captures NO2 gas after cycle is complete, protects the environment
  • Sensors throughout the sterilizer to ensure safety


Nitrogen dioxide (NO₂) has proven to be a safe and cost-efficient alternative when it comes to sterilants on today’s market. NO2 is capable of sterilizing at ultra-low temperature and is safe to use in-house, cutting down on inventory carrying costs and overall manufacturing time.

Compared to other sterilization methods, NO2 does not leave harmful residuals behind that could be cytotoxic. 

Pre-filled syringes and drug-delivery products administered in the sterile field and drugs with specific indications benefit most from NO2 sterilization. In two recent studies comparing NO2, EO and H2O2, results indicate the NO2 sterilizes the exterior of the delivery system (pre-filled syringe, auto-injector, etc.) without impacting drug integrity.

Many pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies send their products off-site to contract sterilizers. This may take 1-4 weeks. In addition to inventory carrying costs, companies pay for sterilization and shipping to and from the contract sterilization site. In today’s environment, shipping and the duration add additional risk to the supply chain. With NO2, companies have a real option to safely bring sterilization into their own manufacturing facilities or a contract manufacturing organization (CMO). The sterilization cycle may be 6-10 hours, including aeration, and significantly reduce the risk, as well as total manufacturing time and cost.

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