Microbiology and Materials Science Testing

Noxilizer’s expert in-house microbiology and materials science team will work with you to perform sterilization testing to your requirements. We offer a wide range of testing services in-house at our Hanover, MD facility. Each customer has a dedicated team working through every step of the process.

Regulatory Consulting

Noxilizer offers consulting for customers preparing for regulatory submissions. These services range from consulting with a customer’s regulatory team, to preparing FDA pre-submission meeting requests and information packages, to managing the 510(k) process on behalf of a customer.

Drug-Delivery System and Medical Device Design for Sterilization Consulting

Noxilizer assigns a team who will partner with you to address device design, material selection and packaging questions regarding sterilization during the product development process. These experts are experienced materials scientists, engineers and microbiologists. Working together, Noxilizer can minimize the “surprises” that can occur.

Customer and Technical Service

After the installation of RTS™ Sterilizers in your facility, Noxilizer is still with you every step of the way. We have experienced and dedicated Service Engineers to support the warranty, provide planned maintenance and corrective service.

Contract Sterilization Services Provided by Sterigenics

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