Noxilizer expands NO2 contract sterilization in the United States

Demand for NO2 sterilization grows and new facility is booked through 2024

Noxilizer announces the availability of NO2 contract sterilization in the United States at their Hanover, MD headquarters. This facility is conveniently located next to the Baltimore Washington International Airport and in close proximity to global pharmaceutical companies and some of the leading contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs). NO2 sterilization has become the first choice in sterilization for pre-filled syringes and drug-device combination products.

With the increasing regulatory and environmental guideline changes for ethylene oxide, NO2 is a leading alternative sterilization method for pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device products.

NO2 sterilization was first commercialized by Noxilizer in 2012 and offers several key advantages: ultra-low temperature (10°-30°C), minimal pressure requirements, no/minimal residuals, and fast cycle times (6 – 12 hours, including aeration). NO2 sterilization opens new avenues for innovation and has been shown to be particularly effective in the sterilization of pre-filled syringes, drug-device combination products, and custom implants.

Noxilizer customers have a variety of ways to access NO2 sterilization. Pharmaceutical and biotech companies have purchased NO2 sterilizers and installed them in their own manufacturing facilities or in contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs). Currently, there is a contract sterilization location in Europe. There are UltraNox™ NO2 Production Sterilizers installed in Europe, the US, and Asia. Noxilizer is continuing to expand capacity and is in active discussions with other companies interested in adding NO2 sterilization.

“We’re excited about the expansion of the Hanover facility and the ability to offer customers contract sterilization services that will support their commercial products in the US,” states Lawrence Bruder, President & CEO of Noxilizer. “Noxilizer will continue our work to increase global capacity to make NO2 sterilization accessible for more customers.”

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About Noxilizer, Inc.

Noxilizer is a fast-growing medical technology company that provides ultra-low temperature nitrogen dioxide sterilization that offers many benefits over traditional sterilization methods. Our customers are the leading global pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies developing the next generation of products. Noxilizer products and services include feasibility studies, validation, contract sterilization, consulting, sterilization equipment, consumable product line, and customer and technical service. Noxilizer’s headquarters are in Hanover, MD. For more information, please visit:

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